God fire

The Gods are Dead Long Live the Gods

p. The Gods have spawned many things on the Continent of Aysidra both wonders and terrors of great power. They spread miracles like wine and powerful nations formed with their helping hands. This came to and end one day when the Gods took their unending conflicts from Heaven to the Mortal Coil. The War of the Gods began and the Gods changed their miracles for war using the entire continent as a battle field and armory. p. Godfire blanketed cities and destroyed lands entire poloticial and economic structures toppled by deities in order to goad their enemies and strenghten their allies. Great Destruction and Great Creation on a whole new scale unseen took place during the War of Gods. The Universe had a trick up it’s sleeve and the Gods soon found out on the Mortal Coil that they were not invunerable only in the heavens where they took their seats were they turly free from mortal plight.

In battles which shall be recanted by bards til the next Age The Gods died killed by their own powers deafeated by their own Sin. All except two Ceryaleine The Lady Waiting in the Light and Maelifex The Lord Hunting in the Dark these two deities opposed to each other were banned forever from the Mortal Coil by mysterious powers greater than they. Thusly ended the Age of Miracles and the War of the Gods.
p. Now Asdirya has been plunged into a Darker Age the Death of Gods on the mortal plane has left magic unstable, the Lands destroyed and mutated little still usable for farm land in certain areas, plague runs rampant and trade is throughly destroyed